Inclusive Growth Bulletin - Issue 86 - July, 2019
In this issue, we bring you freshly-released studies on the innovative platform, the linkages between social protection policies and the fight against HIV in Africa, and the fourth industrial revolution and its impacts on the labour market. Also, check out new translations for some of our studies into Arabic, French, German and Portuguese.
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In the Research Report ''The potential of the platform to support policymaking and innovation on social protection'', authors Aline Peres, Ashleigh Slingsby and Mariana Balboni (IPC-IG) present an overview of the impact of the platform from September 2015 to December 2018. The aim is to analyse the progress of in fostering knowledge-sharing and capacity-strengthening for efficient social protection policies and programs. 
In the Working Paper ''HIV-inclusive and -sensitive cash transfer initiatives: evidence from high-prevalence countries in Eastern and Southern Africa'', Pedro Lara de Arruda (IPC-IG) discusses the potential of cash transfer programmes to combat HIV in sub-Saharan Africa. The study aims to summarise the main features of programmes that have proven to work best in the region, discussing the most likely causal pathways that link these programmes to desirable outcomes regarding HIV prevention and care.
A companion One Pager, "The potential role of social transfers in the fight against HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa", also by Mr. Arruda, presents the impacts of social protection policies designed to support the treatment of HIV and mitigate the disease’s poverty burden. The One Pager is also available in Portuguese.
In the One Pager "Worried about the fourth industrial revolution’s impact on jobs? Scale up skills development and training!", Terry McKinley (SOAS University of London) discusses the practical implications of the fast-approaching fourth industrial revolution, driven mainly by robotics and artificial intelligence, for social protection programmes. Also available in Arabic, French and Portuguese.
News translations

The Working Paper "Targeting farmers in institutional procurement programmes: case study of the PAA Africa Programme in Senegal", by Rosana Pereira de Miranda, Israel Klug and Abdoulaye Thiam, has been translated into French. Previously, it was available in English. Also, the companion One Pager is now available in EnglishFrenchand Portuguese.

The One Pager "Social protection reform in Mozambique and the new basic social protection strategy", by Sergio Falange and Luca Pellerano (IPC-IG), is now available in
German. Previously, it was released in English, French, and Portuguese.

Now available in
Arabic, the One Pager "From income poverty to multidimensional poverty: an international comparison", by Francesco Burchi, Nicole Rippin and Claudio Montenegro, was previously released in English and Portuguese.

The One Pager "A universal child grant in Brazil: what must we do, and what can we expect from it?", by Sergei Suarez Dillon Soares (IPC-IG), Graziela Ansiliero, Aline Diniz Amaral, Pedro H. G. Ferreira de Souza and Luis Henrique Paiva (Ipea), has been translated into
Arabic following its original release in English and Portuguese.
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Webinar: Universal social protection in the context of the SDGs – where are we now?
In partnership with our colleagues from the online platform, we will host a webinar on universal social protection, discussing its meaning, feasibility, financial challenges, efficacy, rationale, and sustainability. Join us on 18 July, 15:00 (GMT+2).
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