Inclusive Growth Bulletin - Issue 90 - November 2019
Otávio de Souza/Ministério da Cidadania

Welcome to our November 2019 Bulletin! This month, we present a new Working Paper with a proposal for the unification of Brazilian social protection benefits for children, the 2019 Annual Report and the Spanish version of IPC-IG’s Portfolio. We also bring you several new translations of One Pagers.

In addition, we invite you to join us in our next webinar about child-sensitive social protection in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region and to keep up-to-date with our events and projects!
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The new Working Paper A proposal for the unification of social protection benefits for children, youth and those vulnerable to poverty”, by Sergei Soares, Letícia Bartholo and Rafael Guerreiro Osorio (Ipea, IPC-IG), proposes an approach whereby all transfers to individuals and children vulnerable to poverty—such as Bolsa Família, Abono Salarial and Salário-Família—can be brought together within a single framework. A companion One Pager is available in English, Portuguese, French and Arabic.
The new Joint Publication Annual Report 2019”, by the team, presents the platform’s results from September 2018 through August 2019, as well as comparisons against previous years. The website emerged in 2015 as a response to demands from global stakeholders for a platform that would gather the most comprehensive and up-to-date content on social protection, while promoting networking and exchange among members.
The 2019 IPC-IG Portfolio is now available in Spanish. The document provides an overview of the activities undertaken by the Centre and its landmarks since its creation in 2002. Access the publication in French, English, Portuguese and Arabic.
New translations
The One Pager “Social Protection Systems in Latin America and the Caribbean: Dominican Republic”, by Milena Lavigne and Luis Hernán Vargas, has been translated into Arabic and Spanish.

The One Pager “Public works programmes for protection and climate resilience: theory of change and evidence in low-income countries”, by Rodolfo Beazley, Anna McCord and Ana Solórzano, has been translated into Spanish.

The One Pager “Institutional demand: linking social protection with the power of procurement”, by Ryan Nehring, Ana Carla Miranda and Andrew Howe, has been translated into German, Portuguese, Spanish and French.

The One Pager “Building a favourable environment for institutional food procurement programmes: contributions from Mozambique”, by Luana F.J. Swensson and Israel Klug, has been translated into Portuguese and French.
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Fábio Veras/IPC-IG
Fabio Veras/IPC-IG
IPC-IG researchers Fabio Veras, Sergei Soares and Carolina Bloch went to Rabat (Morocco) to present, discuss and adjust the first version of the Integrated Social Protection Policy (PPIPS) with partners from UNICEF Morocco and the Department of General Affairs and Government (Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Administration Reform). They also met with high-level officers from key government departments to validate the PPIPS and integrate additional inputs, and prepared presentations for the meetings with the Head of Government and the Ministerial Committee on Social Protection.
On 29 October, the Brazilian National School of Formation and Improvement of Labour Magistrates (ENAMAT), of the Superior Labour Court (Tribunal Superior do Trabalho—TST) and UNDP Brazil signed a joint cooperation project to develop research on labour law and judicial colleges in Brazil. The IPC-IG will coordinate and implement six studies, including comparative and descriptive international analyses of labour law systems and the formative dimensions of learning assessments and institutional evaluations of judicial colleges. The project has a duration of two years.
On 5 November, the IPC-IG and Unicef LACRO presented the Webinar “El estado de las políticas sobre licencias de maternidad, paternidad y las experiencias que apoyan la lactancia materna en el lugar de trabajo en América Latina y el Caribe” (“The state of maternity and paternity leave policies and the experiences that support breastfeeding in the workplace in Latin America and the Caribbean”, in English). Click here to watch the recording and for more information on the webinar.
Webinar: “Fiscal space for child-sensitive social protection in the MENA region”
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On 12 December, 09:00 (GMT-3), the platform will host the seventh webinar of our Social Protection in the MENA Region series. This webinar will discuss the possibilities for MENA countries to free up resources to scale up social protection expenditures. The “Fiscal space for child-sensitive social protection in the MENA regionExecutive Summary is available in English and Arabic, as well as a summary One Pager (English/Arabic). Please join the  Social Protection in MENA Online Community if you are interested in following the most recent discussions on the topic. 
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We are accepting applications from outstanding students for our 2019 Internship Programme! Requirements and information on how to apply are available here.