Inclusive Growth Bulletin - Issue 91 - December 2019
Welcome to our December 2019 Bulletin! This month, we present a new issue of Policy in Focus, featuring a series of articles on universal social protection and the fourth volume of the IPC-IG Collection of One Pagers. We also offer a retrospective of a very special year for the IPC-IG — the year we celebrated our 15th anniversary.
In 2019, IPC-IG celebrated its 15th anniversary. The commemorations of this important date included the launch of the IPC-IG Portfolio, during a reception attended by the Centre’s staff, collaborators and partners. It provides an overview of the activities undertaken by the IPC-IG and of landmarks since its creation in 2002. It is available in EnglishArabic, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

The Portfolio illustrates the IPC-IG’s working areas – knowledge production, knowledge sharing and capacity building – comprising more than 120 projects — 20 still ongoing — which have been carried out together with many partners from all over the world, during these 15 years.
As part of its knowledge-sharing activities, the Centre’s publications — which reflect its evidence-based research — have grown consistently since its foundation. Year on year, the number of downloads for these publications also continues to grow.

More facts and figures will be available in the IPC-IG Activity Report 2019, which will be launched in early 2020.
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The IPC-IG has just released a new issue of its Policy in Focus magazine, titled “Universal social protection: a target for all”. Developed in partnership with the platform, it features articles based on the discussions addressed in the Universal Social Protection (USP) 2030 webinar series. It approaches issues related to universal social protection by considering current developments and the context of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), global challenges and opportunities, innovative policies and strategies on social security coverage, and the latest innovations and digital technologies in social protection. The publication is available in English.
As part of the Centre’s 15th anniversary celebrations, the IPC-IG has just launched the fourth volume of its compilation of One Pagers — the Centre’s most popular publication format. The IPC-IG Collection of One Pagers, Vol. 4 gathers issues 300 to 399. Over the last decade and a half, people have downloaded these highly successful publications millions of times in 180 countries. The publication is available in English.
The new One Pager 433 “Can gender statistics fill large gaps in the monitoring and accountability of the Sustainable Development Goals?”, by Amina Said Alsayyad (Al-Azhar University) and Abdel-Hameed Hamdy Nawar (Cairo University), examines how the production and dissemination of gender statistics can create evidence-based ‘gender knowledge’ that can help policymakers develop evidence-based policies and measure their effectiveness towards gender equality. The publication is available in English, Portuguese, French and Arabic.
The IPC-IG has also released One Pager 434 “Multidimensional poverty trends and horizontal inequalities: New insights from the G-CSPI database”, by Francesco Burchi, Daniele Malerba and Nicole Rippin (German Development Institute) presents the main findings of a study that uses a new indicator of multidimensional poverty — the Global Correlation Sensitive Poverty Index (G-CSPI) — which includes three dimensions: education, (decent) employment and health. The publication is available in English and Portuguese.
New translations

The following One Pagers have been translated into other languages:

Social Protection Systems in Latin America and the Caribbean: Costa Rica”, by Isabel Román, translated into Arabic and Spanish.

Energy, poverty and the Sustainable Development Goals”, by Hannah Goozee, translated into Arabic, SwedishPortuguese and Spanish.
The IPC-IG is supporting Tunisia in building up its social protection floor
From 25 to 28 November, IPC-IG Research Coordinator Fabio Veras and Consultant Mario Gyori went to Tunisia to provide technical support to the UNICEF Tunisia Country Office, as part of an umbrella UN-UN agreement with the UNICEF Middle East and North Africa Regional Office (MENARO). Several meetings with representatives of the Ministry of Social Affairs as well as government partners took place during the mission. A strategic note describing the transition towards a social protection system anchored in the country's vision for a national social protection floor was developed and submitted to the government.
The IPC-IG and hosted a webinar on social protection in the MENA region
© UNICEF/Syria/2019/Hasen
On 12 December, the seventh webinar of the series Social Protection in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region was hosted by the IPC-IG through the platform. It discussed the possibilities for MENA countries to free up resources to scale up social protection expenditures. Click here to watch the recording and for more information on the webinar.
The IPC-IG supports the development of strategies for the new social assistance system in Bahia, Brazil
© IPC-IG/Mariana Hoffmann
From 10 to 12 December, IPC-IG Researchers Tamara Vaz, José Monteiro da Silva and Mariana Hoffmann were in Bahia’s capital, Salvador (Brazil) to discuss the research project aimed at assisting the Government of Bahia in the development of the state's strategy for the planning and management of the Unified Social Assistance System (Sistema Único de Assistência Social—SUAS). The project comprises 10 studies on social protection topics, including coverage, delivery of services and financing, with a participatory approach and through quantitative and qualitative analysis. The research is expected to be finalised by the end of 2020.
The IPC-IG collaborates with the UFRN on the Workshop on Population Projections Using UN Methodology
From 02 to 05 December, IPC-IG collaborators participated in the Workshop on Population Projections Using UN Methodology, hosted by the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN). IPC-IG Research Coordinator, Diana Sawyer, participated in the event’s plenary session on 4 December. IPC-IG consultants, Flávio Henrique Freire and Marcos Roberto Gonzaga, presented the preliminary results of two studies developed as part of the project “Studies on Brazil´s challenges for 2018 and 2019” (Projeto Brasil 3 Tempos) on 2 December. On the last two days of the event, IPC-IG Researcher José Monteiro da Silva assisted UFRN Professor Helena Cruz Castanheira in introductory practical classes on the R software, a tool used in the United Nations’ population projections.
The IPC-IG participates in the ILO’s global social protection week
For four days, high-level and technical experts discussed how to accomplish appropriate social protection systems globally and how to face emerging challenges to achieve SDG target 1.3: “Implement nationally appropriate social protection systems and measures for all, including floors, and by 2030 achieve substantial coverage of the poor and the vulnerable”. IPC-IG Researcher, Anna Carolina Machado, participated in the technical-level conferences and delivered a speech on the findings of a recent study by the IPC-IG and UNICEF on children’s right to social protection in the MENA region. Two members of the team, Mariana Balboni and Marina Carvalho, also attended the event and presented the platform. Read more

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