Author:Anna Korzenszky, Sara Vicari, Guilherme Brady
Others, Poverty and Inequality, Rural Development

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Abstract: "'The Sustainable Development Goals Report 2018' has shown how in a number of areas progress has been insufficient to meet the Agenda's goals and targets by 2030. This is especially true for the most disadvantaged and marginalised groups (United Nations 2018). After years of decline, global hunger is on the rise, driven by conflicts and climate change (FAO et al. 2018). Poverty still has a rural face, with 79 per cent of the world’s poorest people living in rural areas (World Bank 2018) and depending on agriculture for their well-being (FAO 2017a)". (...)

keywords: Rural, civil, society, role, social, mobilisation, poverty, reduction, sustainable, rural, evelopment
Date Publication: 09/09/2019 - 08:07
Type/Issue: Policy Research Brief / 64
ISSN: 2358-1379
Language: English