Policy in Focus

Policy in Focus is the flagship publication of the International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth, a magazine that seeks to synthesize policy debates and discussions, educate and increase awareness about specific development themes.  Each issue does so via the collection of articles from specialist contributors with a diverse range of perspectives and opinions about a specific subject.  Issue themes span a diverse subject matter such as the growing middle classes in the developing world, to Protagonist Women and Youth and Employment in the BRICS nations. more

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Inequality in Latin America and the Caribbean Alejandro Grinspun Policy In Focus 1 13/02/2004
Analysing and Achieving Pro-Poor Growth Dag Ehrenpreis Policy In Focus 10 20/03/2007
The challenge of Inequality Dag Ehrenpreis Policy In Focus 11 30/06/2007
Does Aid Work?-for the MDGs Dag Ehrenpreis Policy In Focus 12 01/10/2007
Gender Equality Dag Ehrenpreis Policy In Focus 13 06/12/2007
PSIA – Gauging Poverty Impacts Dag Ehrenpreis Policy In Focus 14 01/04/2008
Cash Transfers – Lessons from Africa and Latin America Degol Hailu, Fabio Veras Soares Policy In Focus 15 15/08/2008
Jobs, Jobs, Jobs – The Policy Challenge Dag Ehrenpreis Policy In Focus 16 24/11/2008
Indigenising Development Alcida Rita Ramos, Rafael Guerreiro Osorio, José Pimenta Policy In Focus 17 13/05/2009
Equitable Access to Basic Utilities: Public versus Private Provision and Beyond Degol Hailu, Raquel Tsukada Policy In Focus 18 01/08/2009