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Title Author Type Issue Date
A case for institutional demand as effective social protection: supporting smallholders through procurement and food assistance programmes Ryan Nehring, Ana Carla Miranda, Andrew Howe Working Paper 157 08/06/2017
Energy, poverty and development: a primer for the Sustainable Development Goals Hannah Goozee Working Paper 156 12/05/2017
Social policy in Brazil (2004–2014): an overview Patricia Andrade de Oliveira e Silva Working Paper 155 10/04/2017
Human development and land tenure in Brazil Alexandre Arbex Valadares, Fernando Gaiger Silveira, Nikolas de Camargo Pirani Working Paper 154 10/02/2017
Family farming in Europe and Central Asia: history, characteristics, threats and potentials Jan Douwe van der Ploeg Working Paper 153 06/12/2016
Family farms of North America John Ikerd Working Paper 152 06/12/2016
Family farming in the Near East and North Africa Ray Bush Working Paper 151 06/12/2016
Family farming in sub-Saharan Africa: its contribution to agriculture, food security and rural development Sam Moyo Working Paper 150 10/11/2016
Concepts and realities of family farming in Asia and the Pacific Jingzhong Ye, Lu Pan Working Paper 139 10/11/2016
Effects of domestic worker legislation reform in Brazil Joana Simões de Melo Costa Working Paper 149 07/10/2016